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greaseproof paper

The paper is durable and keep for a long time,which used to make the food deliciousness.custom printed grease-proof paper with logo,custom parchment paper with logo,printed wax paper,custom printed baking paper,custom burger wrapping paper suppliers,custom deli paper. It is widely used in baked foods packaging, hamburger packaging, sandwich wrapping ,cake food packing ,French fries packing , biscuits and snack packaging,and the material has excellent oil-proof effect.

greaseproof paper bags

Grease-proof Paper bags have always been a popular choice for a more ecologically friendly packaging option,The recyclable aspect of paper makes these bags an attractive selection to environmentally conscious consumers. custom sandwich wrap paper bags,printed grease-proof paper bags with logo,custom printed white grease-proof paper with logo,custom printed burger and sandwich wrapping paper bags,custom printed grease-proof bags suppliers.This type of paper also allows the food to breathe, steaming off excess moisture to keep food fresh.

baking food boxes

Baked food paper boxes, which mainly made of paper is more environmentally friendly.custom hamburger box,printed sandwich box with logo, custom printed Kraft popcorn bucket,printed kraft French fries paper boxes with logo,custom printed Baked food paper boxes suppliers.You can find it at everywhere!

paper cups

Disposable paper cups,high-quality and high temperature resistance,no leakage paper cups which must be what you have been looking for. Custom  coffee cups,custom printed paper cups with lids with logo,Custom corrugated paper cups with logo,printed logo single and double layer cup,custom printed logo office paper cup,custom paper cups  widely used in cafes, tea shops,offices,etc.

paper straws

Paper straws are very durable,custom Kraft paper straws with logo, custom printed colored paper straws, custom striped paper straws with logo,custom printed white paper straws,custom paper straws suppliers, custom paper straws with packaging.Paper straws are more suitable for the environment than plastic straws.using custom printed paper straws to promote your brand and logo – can achieve environmental marketing strategies.

cake box and pizza boxes

Sometime you need pizza boxes and Cake boxes to get those delicious baked goods out the door,a well designed high tech Cake Box and pizza box looks absolutely stunning and it can make your product look even more mouth watering and delicious,Not only environmentally friendly, but also recyclable,custom printed cake box with handle, printed pizza box with logo,custom logo cake box with window,custom pizza box and cake box suppliers.

Biodegradable tableware

Biodegradable tableware,which is biodegradable and is an environmentally friendly tableware.Custom printed Biodegradable tableware,custom Biodegradable tableware suppliers,custom Biodegradable tableware with logo, it’s suitable for a variety of scenarios,such as the fast food shop,the coffee shop,etc. It’s suitable for packing the chicken, noodles,soups,etc.

Aluminium foil box

Aluminium foil box,due to its excellent properties,Aluminium foil box is widely used in food, beverages, household daily necessities, etc.custom  baking cake aluminum box, custom printed aluminum foil lunch box,printed pizza aluminum foil tray with logo,custom aluminum foil box suppliers. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight,so it is more popular in daily life.

Grease-proof paper

YBJ’s Grease-proof paper is made under hygienic condition from pure wood pulp which gives excellent grease resistance and oil hold out properties. Paper prevents penetration of oil & fats thus retain the original flavor and taste intact. No negative effect on original quality of food since paper has good breath ability. Grease-proof paper is suitable to withstand wide range of environments, from hot oven to deep freezer & packaging grade paper used to package food for storage, especially for fatty foods such as butter, bacon or donuts. It is also used to separate layers of crepes, biscuits or other baked goods for storage.

 Grease-proof paper bags

If you use a traditional grease-proof paper bags, greasy food may be a problem, so you need a product with grease-proof function instead of it, that is, grease-proof paper bags, Grease-proof Paper bags have always been a popular choice for a more ecologically friendly packaging option. The recyclable aspect of paper makes these bags an attractive selection to environmentally conscious consumers. The available biodegradable PLA (poly-lactic acid) liner on some of these paper bags creates a completely green product that is both economical and effective. The pasted bottom of these paper bags means that the layers are adhered together which does not provide for an air tight seal. However, these bags are a popular option for take home products or fresh products that will be consumed quickly. The square bottom construction allows the bags to stand securely on store shelves and the factory applied tin ties give them a resealable feature that is a valuable marketing tool. Windows are also offered, allowing customers the opportunity to view products prior to purchase.

Baked food boxes

Opening boxed food is the best. It’s like your own private surprise party. And it’s important that the content inside remains hot and fresh without leaking through or damaging the container.We have an assorted selection of stylish containers and boxes that will not only help transport your delicious foods but keep them secure and fresh.

Paper Cups

As a beginner to the paper cup accessory collection, you can contact our shop and focus on the best quality paper cups one after another. Our committed customer support team provides the instant assistance to all new visitors and ensures about the overall convenience to such visitors. We provide the complete details about our paper cup products and reveal images of such products with an aim to assist new visitors and regular customers.We are experts in the Paper Cups Accessories manufacturing sector and recognized for our high-quality yet inexpensive paper cups. We understand that every customer has different expectations about paper cups and paper tableware products. We focus on and fulfil such expectations to make our customers happier than ever. We get new visitors from referrals of existing customers and ever-increasing recognition in the competitive market.

Paper Straws

Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up the bar, drink station or beverage buffet with these stylish paper straws. Featuring a mesmerizing swirl design in an assortment of palette-friendly hues, our decorative straws integrate with ease into your existing party décor. They’re made of high-quality, recyclable paper and come in a set of 25 straws to accent your beverage station.

Biodegradable tableware 

You need a product that can do the job. Don’t worry-we got you. Biodegradable tableware is ovenable, microwaveable, and freezable. Its sturdy design won’t let your favorited foods fall, but yet lightweight enough to make packing easy. There is no aroma migration so customers will be happy their butter chicken smells as delicious as it is meant to. Made out of natural fibres, you can be sure that there are no toxins, and while Tableware also does not give color, smell or taste to food. All of these can be composted with food waste in the case of acceptance. Our wide range of eco-catering offers quality and environmentally friendly products at competitive prices.

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