Aluminum foil box


 Aluminum foil box

We can customize Aluminium foil box, Airline Aluminium foil container, Colored Aluminium container, baking cake aluminum box, baking cake aluminum cup, pizza aluminum foil tray, kitchen aluminum foil box, aluminum foil lunch box, aluminum foil lunch box, aluminum foil takeout box, cake aluminum foil box, food grade aluminum foil box, Disposable aluminum foil containers, disposable aluminum foil rolls, etc. Can be customized in a variety of shapes: round aluminum foil box, square aluminum foil box, rectangular aluminum foil box, three aluminum foil box and other containers.

Custom  Aluminum foil box manufacturer

Aluminum foil box

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 Our company is a manufacturer focusing on designing, researching, developing, manufacturing and selling Aluminium foil box. The biggest advantage of us is superior technology and service. We have 15 years of experience in R&D. We can produce most high-end products which other factories cannot produce.

 With the advanced technique from Germany,  As the industrial leader of aluminum foil products equipped with the world’s leading full-automatic production line, YBJ package promises to provide our customers with professional recommendations & services, use harmless, pollution-free and renewable materials, and emphasize on food safety and overall quality. With gratefulness, integrity and win-win concept of development, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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Service introduce

Due to its excellent properties, Aluminium foil box is widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic bases, household daily necessities, etc,Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, which not only has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight, light-shielding, abrasion resistance, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and tasteless, but also because it has an elegant silver-white luster, it is easy to process beautiful patterns of various colors and Pattern, so it is more popular in daily life.

Customizing your product is actually very simple

Below we will briefly describe how to customize your exclusive product. Documents can be given to us in PDF, AI, JPG, etc. Let us evolve your content into the following form


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1.Can be heated by fire, convenient and fast, can be baked, can be grilled, can be cooked.

2.Good freshness preservation Reduces food deterioration. The aluminum foil box is heated at 660 °C, which slows down the deterioration of food and preserves the freshness of food.

3.Strong insulation performance, cover the aluminum foil box with a lid, and then press the high side around with your fingers to lock the heat of the food.

4.The environmentally friendly material can directly contact the food with food, and protect the environment while highlighting the quality of the product.

5.Can be placed in the refrigerator for easy storage.

6.Support customization ,the boxes can be printed logo to reflect your product name and deepen the customer’s impression. Beautiful and generous.

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