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baked food wrapping paper

We can customize baked food wrapping paper, like parchment paper,baking paper,deli paper,greaseproof burger paper. It is widely used in baked foods packaging, hamburger packaging, sandwich paper ,cake food ,French fries, biscuits and snack packaging, cooking food packaging, tableware paper.

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Services introduction

Grease-proof paper generally refers to packaging paper whose material is paper and has excellent oil-proof effect. It is mostly made of white paper, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly. food packaging grade paper used to package food for storage, especially for fatty foods such as butter, bacon or donuts. It is also used to separate layers of crepes, biscuits or other baked goods for storage.
food packaging grade paper material, certified by the national level, can be in direct contact with food, safe and healthy. SGS, FDA certificate directly with food environmental consulting.


Customizing your product is actually very simple

Below we will briefly describe how to customize your exclusive product. Documents can be given to us in PDF, AI, JPG, etc. Let us evolve your content into the following form

Choose reasons

1.Grease isolation to prevent leakage Back coating

The back of the grease pad paper is coated PE , and the front side absorbs oil to prevent oil from flowing or penetrating.

2.Original wood paddle paper PE coating anti-oil

Use original wood paddle paper, use assured, back PE coating, waterproof and oilproof, can be in direct contact with food

3.Various screens, thick and reliable paper

The paper is thick and reliable, oil-proof, a variety of screens, clear printing, complete size specifications, factory direct, support customization


After the plastic particles are plasticized by the screw, they are extruded from the die of the flat die, and are extruded in a line shape. After being stretched, they are attached to the surface of a flexible substrate such as paper, film, non-woven fabric, woven fabric, etc., and are cooled and shaped to have a plastic film layer. A barrier and heat salable composite.

5.No fluoresce safe and convenient

Adhering to the concept of healthy paper, no fluoresce, degradable, environmental protection, safe to use, easy to pack.

Greaseproof paper – white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper

Made of white kraft paper and without fluorescent agents, it has passed national food grade certification. It provides a clean look as a meat packaging material. In addition, white paper is often used in craft settings, and white kraft paper can also be used as a disposable table in casual dining environments.

Kraft paper is designed to keep the meat fresh while on display. The treated paper allows the meat to breathe, keeping the meat in an attractive color. In addition, its deep orange discretely hides any juice that happens to leak from your meat and can retain the characteristics of wrapped meat and other moist products. In addition, these papers have high tear resistance and burst resistance, helping to prevent bones from breaking through the wrap.

Sandwich wrap paper

While Sandwich wrap paper may be most often used to wrap sandwiches, it’s also great for packaging sides, pretzels, pastries, and more!

Traditional sandwich wrap paper features a fully open styling, making it ideal for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts, or for lining serving baskets.

Some sandwich wrap paper features a double open design, making it great for wrapping flat items, such as pastries, pretzels, and cookies. This style of paper also doubles as a cone basket liner for versatility.

Available in:

  • Grease-resistant and traditional varieties
  • Several sizes, colors, and patterns
  • Eco-friendly options

Wax paper

Wax paper, or paraffin paper, is a type of paper that is treated with wax to allow it to have a smooth surface that prevents other items from sticking to the paper. By applying wax to the paper, the paper becomes resistant to moisture transitions in either direction, keeping moist food wrapped in such paper juicy, and preventing dry wrapped foods from exposure to moisture.

Wax paper is fine to write on with sharpie and is tape-friendly.

Available In:

  • Dry or wet varieties
  • Rolls or sheets; sheets are available in flat pack, pop-up, and patty paper options

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