Biodegradable tableware


Biodegradable tableware

We are located in Guangzhou, China, we specialize in the production of biodegradable tableware, with a variety of certificates, biodegradable tableware for a wide range of uses, for example: round biodegradable tableware, square biodegradable tableware, rectangular biodegradable tableware Three-part biodegradable tableware, biodegradable tableware can be customized according to customer requirements LOGO, use custom printed biodegradable tableware to promote your brand and logo – can achieve environmental marketing strategies.

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Biodegradable tableware

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About us

 our company specializes in disposable food packaging products,We source and supply a range of paper and plastic packaging products for the food service disposable market worldwide. Our main disposable products include paper cups, soup cups, noodle boxes, take away boxes, salad boxes, sushi boxes,Cake boxes, Pizza boxes,paper trays,Biodegradable tableware,etc.The most salient feature of our company is that we have an outstanding creative art group with powerful invention capability to provide the most exquisite original artwork.In order to supply our customers with the most competitive prices and service, we develop good relationships with some joint manufacturing specialized in food packaging products.All of our products are exported to Europe, Australia, America, Canada, Denmark, France, the UK, Sweden, etc. The good quality, reasonable prices and friendly services are always feed backs from customers. Since our establishment, we have set up a strong research and development team, as well as the existing sales network. The main goal of our management team is to ensure the longevity of relationships with clients by making customer satisfaction paramount in our business strategy. We are open to new ideas and ready to meet challenges, and we firmly believe that the combination of our reasonable and competitive prices, prompt delivery and courteous manner of our representatives will make you choose to do business with us over a long term.”The best service, the best quality” is our commitment. We encourage you to cooperate with us for all of your needs. Please contact our trading personnel now for more details about our products and services, and we believe that we’ll establish happy business relationships. Our company upholds the principle of “reasonable prices, high-quality services, quality first”. We are sure that you will find doing business with us smooth and hassle free. We are looking forward to working with you.


Customizing your product is actually very simple

Below we will briefly describe how to customize your exclusive product. Documents can be given to us in PDF, AI, JPG, etc. Let us evolve your content into the following form


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1.Advanced technology–High temperature positive pressure, negative pressure forming, aseptic packaging, strict quality inspection.

2.Raw materials natural–Pure natural bagasse is the main raw material

3.Health and wellness–Ultra-high temperature production, aseptic packaging, strict quality inspection.

4.Beautiful and easy to use–Good hardness, white color, water and oil resistance, leakage resistance, low temperature resistance -18 ° C to high temperature 120 ° C, refrigerator and microwave oven.

5. Bio-degradation, environmental protection, no pollution–It can be naturally degraded in 180 days, no need to recycle, and environmental protection starts from the green field.

6.Good toughness, not easy to break, not softened, can be reused, no leakage.

7.Once formed, it does not contain harmful substances of rubber. It is physically and sterilized by high temperature at the factory. It can effectively avoid cross-infection of diseases. It is a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly tableware.

8.When discarded as ordinary garbage, it can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil within 3 months.

About bagasse

These straw and bagasse cups are made from renewable and recycled materials, processed bagasse. The material is molded, dried, heated, and subjected to other final contacts. Heat-induced compression during the manufacturing process provides structural strength to the tableware. In addition, interfiber bonding gives the product water and oil repellency. This is a completely natural process that is free of binders, additives, coatings or chemical residues and is therefore an alternative to plastics with non-toxic, harmless and healthy alternatives. Tableware also does not give color, smell or taste to food. All of these can be composted with food waste in the case of acceptance. Our wide range of eco-catering offers quality and environmentally friendly products at competitive prices.


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