Paper cups

Paper cups

We can customize Paper cups,like Paper cold cup, paper hot cup, corrugated vertical cup, corrugated cross cup, single layer cup, double cup, office cup, printable cup,ice cream paper cups, etc. Widely used in cafes, tea shops,offices, etc.

Custom paper cups manufacturer

Paper cups

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About us

YBJ is the world’s leading supplier of new and innovative comfort products. Our main products are disposable paper cups, disposable paper straws, etc. All products are characterized by health, environmental protection, economy, practicality, high temperature resistance, good hardness and no leakage. Thanks to our experience and professional trial knowledge, perfect after-sales service, quality and quantity guarantees, as well as a variety of styles to choose from while reducing costs, dedicated teams are guided by clear and simple goals: to meet your new ideas And the continued demand for products. Adhering to our business objectives is a key principle in our business operations, with a focus on innovation, environmental and corporate social responsibility. We have one of the highest CSR ratings in Asia. Today, we work together on all products and markets. Our management, employees and business partners all share a common theme: align with customers and help them achieve greater success. We are confident to help you achieve your goals, and we are committed to continually improving everything we do. We will do our best to work with you to create a better future.

Customizing your product is actually very simple

Below we will briefly describe how to customize your exclusive product. Documents can be given to us in PDF, AI, JPG, etc. Let us evolve your content into the following form

About the paper cups

The paper cup is made of log pulp, which is made of high quality wood. The paper is fine, soft and smooth. The cup body is resistant to pressure and the craftsmanship keeps the cup body under external pressure.

The paper has a high hardness and is heat-insulated and bears heavy weight. Pour hot water, do not soften and not deform, soy ink, printed with environmentally friendly non-toxic soy ink, to ensure that the cup is fragrant and has no peculiar smell.

When customers leave your business with your brand of coffee or beverage cups, they will advertise your business to everyone they pass or meet. A versatile or blank cup, although inexpensive, does not advertise for anyone, and will make you valuable to potential new customers, using custom branded cups to turn your everyday cup into a marketing superstar that can be easily Add value to your business economically.

Choose reasons

1.Log pulp

Made from high-quality wood, the paper is fine, soft and smooth.

2.Cup body compression

The superb craftsmanship keeps the cups under the external pressure.

3.Thick paper

The paper has a high hardness and is heat-insulated and bears heavy weight. Pour hot water, not easy to soften and not deform.

4.Soybean ink

It is printed with environmentally friendly non-toxic soy ink to ensure that the cup is fragrant and has no peculiar smell.

5.High temperature resistance,no leakage

PE waterproof layer plus paper design, not only high temperature resistance 110 ℃ and 72 hours anti-leakage.

6.Environmental protection, health

The paper is made of imported A-grade pure raw fiber paper pulp. It has passed the international SGS certification and does not do fluorescent bleaching treatment. It is environmentally friendly, hygienic and healthy.

7.Support customization

The paper cups and paper straws can be printed logo to reflect your product name and deepen the customer’s impression. Beautiful and generous.

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