pizza boxes and Cake boxes

Pizza boxes and Cake boxes

We are located in Guangzhou, China, specializing in the production of food boxes for pizza boxes and Cake boxes,  hamburgers boxes,etc. The regular sizes of cake boxes are: 14 inch cake box, small cake box, birthday cake box, round cake Box, corrugated cake box, 10 inch cake box, cake box triangle, cylinder cake box, fordable cake box and other conventional sizes; pizza box regular size: 5 inch pizza box, 9 inch pizza box, pizza box 16 inch, hexagon pizza box , octagon pizza box, kraft pizza box, etc. that sometimes you need pizza boxes and Cake boxes to get those delicious baked goods out the door, so that’s why we offer a selection of bakery boxes to help transport tasty pastries and desserts!

Factory Custom Food Tray Cheap Color Printing pizza boxes and Cake boxes

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Pizza box

About us

YBJ package CO., LTD is located in Guangzhou China and begin packaging business all the time, following the principle of better Credit,better Quality and better Service.We have been selling packaging products all over the world .Our products range includes noodle box,cake box,lunch box,paper cup,cup sleeves,sandwich box, cake box, pizza box and so on. All that we are doing is to serve you better.Your satisfaction is our final goal.Look forward to cooperating with you. We answer all inquirys within 24 hours.Contact us today

Customizing your product is actually very simple

Below we will briefly describe how to customize your exclusive product. Documents can be given to us in PDF, AI, JPG, etc. Let us evolve your content into the following form

Choose reasons

1.Ventilation hole design, good ventilation

Fine selection of corrugated paper, good breath ability and venting design to ensure that the pizza is delicious.

2.Environmentally friendly food grade flexo printing, exquisite printing, complete size

The machine is fully automatic and integrated, no need for manual processing, simple and convenient. Completed size to meet different needs

3.Equipped with opening hole, convenient for picking and dropping, and improving packing speed

The pizza box has an opening hole that is easy to pull and easy to access

 4.Flat plate delivery Indentation treatment Easy folding

It is thick and durable, with good smoothness and gloss. The corrugated paper can be in direct contact with food.

5.Support customization 

The boxes can be printed logo to reflect your product name and deepen the customer’s impression. Beautiful and generous

About the box

Cardboard Pizza Boxes are the first obsession a client will observe while buying the pizza. These boxes require being appealing to make the mouth of the client water just by observing the box. Eye-catching pizza boxes will make the customer eager and attract him to open the box.

When you walk into the western restaurant, the restaurant’s pizza needs to be packed and taken out. You need such a beautiful and high-grade pizza box.

However, the pizza shop is an indispensable food package, and a pizza box that is both beautiful and beautiful, can save the owner a lot of worry.

On weekends, at home alone, bake a delicious pizza with a delicious pizza box and an appetite.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby show, Wedding show, house warming, new job, Prom?  if you can think of an occasion to celebrate with something sweet I can make what you need.

Cake boxes not only provide safety to your cakes but also enhance their exquisiteness and grace. A well designed high tech Cake Box looks absolutely stunning and it can make your product look even more mouth watering and delicious. Custom Cake boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and artistically they are an item to guise at. These boxes are highly customize able and can be printed in and design and dimension as your requirement calls for. Special product protection gadgets can also be included in the box such as support cushions, lift racks and bordering options.

The pizza box or pizza package is a folding box made of cardboard in which hot pizzas are stored for takeaway. The “pizza box” also makes home delivery and takeaway substantially easier. The pizza box has to be highly resistant, cheap, stackable, thermally insulated to regulate humidity and suitable for food transportation. In addition, it provides space for advertising.

Most packaging for the transport of pizzas is made of cardboard, because this material is cheap and has many useful properties. Both solid fibre board and single wall corrugated board are used. The corrugated cardboard in use is often of the E flute size (micro or fine waves with a flute pitch of 1.0 to 1.8 mm), but thicker B flute cardboard with a flute pitch of 2.2 to 3.0 mm are also used. Not only the geometric construction of the cardboard determines the stability of the box, but also especially the type of paper and its grammage. For the liner mostly container board is used on the inside of the box. This does not only make the box stable, it becomes more resistant against humidity and oil as well. To reduce the space needed to store the packaging to a minimum, the pizza boxes are folded just before use out of flat blanks. The required storage space depends very much on the different thickness of the material.

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